Cyber defenses architecture advice, implementation, and support:

The infrastructure security initiative within Expertware analyses and advises on how to:

  • secure the resources, on-premises and in the cloud (users, identities, servers, endpoints, data repositories, applications).
  • secure and segregate access to resources, such as workloads and workspaces based on customizable criteria (function, location, device, data sensitivity).
  • leverage existing experience to combine workload and network security as well as workspace and endpoints protection.
  • design, deploy and manage security policies for user & device security posture, privileged access, data leakage prevention, just-in-time access.
  • facilitate IT changes required to transition at a Zero-trust or composable security model

Cybersecurity mesh

  • Transition towards a security mesh architecture where controls are deployed where they are most needed, in a scalable, flexible and resilient way.
  • Extensive expertise in the open-source and the commercial world help us to facilitate and enable the interoperability of various security tools
  • Distributed identity fabric, security analytics, intelligence, automation and triggers, as well as centralized policy management and orchestration
  • Increase Security assurance for your critical business assets.
  • Expertware protects your networks, devices, identities, data and processes across multi-clouds.

We secure your Azure, Google, Amazon AWS cloud, network communications (SD-WAN, S2S VPN, ExpressRoute, Azure SD-WAN), cloud apps and identities.

The synergies between the IT architecture, multi-cloud and cyber security teams differentiate our services.

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