Advanced Threat Hunting

Expertware integrates, correlates and optimize threat intelligence information from over 20 different sources. Our security analysts develop advanced SIEM queries (Elastic, Splunk, OpenSearch) and validate that our customers are not under attack or vulnerable to

Our SIEM & SOCaaS customers benefit of advanced threat hunting services:

  • Aggregate multiple CTI sources, Integrate community feeds and develop detection queries (IoA, IoC) for zero-days announced vulnerabilities.
  • Compile and corelate scan results with CTI feeds, prioritize vulnerabilities, and develop detection queries & alerts using multiple Query languages: Elastic, Kusto, Xpath.
  • Continuously monitor cybersecurity threat intelligence feeds and propose ad-hoc scans for critical zero-day threats
  • Perform regular identities and password quality evaluations, propose and execute remediation.
  • Check access compliancy for standard and privileged accounts, verify account tiering policies and follow up remediation.
  • Leverage experience on multi-vendor SIEM solutions: Azure Sentinel, SIEMonster, Palo Alto Panorama, Exabeam, LogRhythm.
  • WAS: advanced attack simulations using Qualys WAS, Burp suite, OWASP, Tenable Nessus, Acunnetix. Replay attacks, session high-jacking, SQL injection, JavaScript prototype pollution and many others.
  • Leverage Broad IT architecture knowledge and capabilities corelating heterogeneous sources of information: networking, OS, application events
  • Leverage Cybersecurity Partnerships with: Microsoft, Palo Alto, Fortinet, SIEMonster, Elastic, PacketFence, Cisco, CrowdStrike and many more.

We provided automatic notification to customers affected by newly detected campaigns, zero-day vulnerabilities or indicator of attacks.

The synergies between the big data, development and cyber security teams differentiate our services.

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