Business context

Asset data management solutions with automated integration into your ITSM solution are paramount for an efficient IT service delivery. Accurate asset data collected from various system and device feeds and then automatically corelated, validated and enriched with additional knowledge and threat data is key to ensuring first time fix and fault resolution.

Many ITSM vendors provide asset management solutions but these require constant manual updates and audits to ensure they do not become out of date. Inaccurate asset data adds to support issues rather than helping to resolve them.

A solution is needed that can cope with multiple information sources and automatically ensure up to date and accurate information is available when and where needed.

Our Solution

Expertware has developed and integrated a proprietary asset management solution for end user devices, servers and network equipment hosted across hybrid cloud environments.

CMDB Integration Add-on

Our Experience

With over 20 years of experience in the field of IT architecture and managed services, we are confident that we can offer to our customers a team with very strong technical knowledge and a deep understanding of the IT architecture models and solutions in place. Our people will become a trusted part of your team.

For each customer, there is a solution architect supervising the activities of the operation team guaranteeing a continuous review and optimization for monitoring and alerts, automated response flows ensure rapid responses but always under the guidance and oversight of our expert technicians.

We aim to provide state-of-the-art SIEM services to our customers so that they can continue their business safe in the knowledge that strong protection is in place.

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