Expertware integrates heterogeneous cyber security solutions and provides real time KPIs and advanced analytics regarding the security posture, incident response, threat intelligence and vulnerabilities management. Our tailored solution aggregates metrics offering end-to-end visibility for cyber security attacks, vulnerabilities, and incident response processes.

Incident Response Analytics

  • End-to-end Realtime reporting.
  • Integrated NOC and SOC dashboards.
  • Events, alerts, false positive, qualifications, anomalies.
  • Live KPIs, alerts to incident conversion rates.
  • Continuous performance indicators.

Historic, Trending dashboards

  • Live Endpoints Alerts with trending
  • Live SOC coverage KPIs.
  • Live access to top N threats, incidents, cases, affected devices or locations and many more.
  • Full extensibility - Expertware owned solution.

We can help you visualizing in real-time the security posture of your organization, devices, users, and data.

The synergies between the big data, development and cyber security teams differentiate our services.

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